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Chris Fuller

Chris FullerBorn in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1982, Chris Fuller made his feature film debut with LOREN CASS, a coming-of-age film set just after the 1996 St. Petersburg riots. The film premiered in competition at Dennis Hopper's CineVegas Film Festival and internationally at the Locarno International Film Festival before being released by Kino International. Written at the age of fifteen and directed when he was just twenty-one, LOREN CASS was called "a starkly radical film debut of uncommon power and artistic principle" by Variety in addition to being named a Critic's Pick by the New York Times. The film was nominated for an IFP Gotham Award and screened at the Museum of Modern Art.

Fuller was also profiled in "Take 100: The Future of Film, 100 New Directors," published by Phaidon Press. Curated by the programmers of the world's leading film festivals, the book names 100 of today's best emerging film directors.

With his second feature in pre-production and several in development, Fuller has established himself as one of the most promising young filmmakers of a new generation.

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